How to find your bullseye customer
and their perfect product


Learn More Faster - How to find your bullseye customer and their perfect product | Product Hunt

Startup founders are under enormous pressure to answer critical questions: Who is our ideal customer? Are we solving the right problem for them? Should we build A or B first?

Being able to answer these questions faster is a significant competitive advantage. Learn More Faster is GV’s free step-by-step playbook for conducting Bullseye Customer Sprints, and accelerating customer discovery. Use it to define your unique value proposition and identify the specific customers who are initially most likely to adopt your product.

The simple formula for a Bullseye Customer Sprint is 5 and 3 in 1: Five bullseye customers and three simple prototypes in one day.

The Building Blocks of
a Bullseye Customer Sprint Interview

These videos illustrate the building blocks of a Bullseye Customer Sprint Interview, as described in Learn More Faster


2 Discovery

3 Introduce Prototypes

4 Compare Prototypes

5 Cool-down

For these videos, we imagined a business that was exploring concepts for a new burrito shop, then we interviewed five bullseye customers with three easy prototypes in one day. We recruited bullseye customers in the U.S. who order Mexican food to go several times per week. (You can find the screener and interview guide in the “Sample Screener Questionnaires and Interview Guides” under Resources.)

We chose a relatable consumer example for these videos, but we’ve conducted successful Bullseye Customer Sprints for many complex, highly technical, and enterprise products, too.

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Vanessa Cho is a design executive who is an expert in building products for consumer and enterprise customers. She has started and grown design teams in industries ranging from cloud and productivity software to consumer marketplaces and hardware. As GV’s design team lead, she has counseled more than 300 GV portfolio companies on design, product-market fit, and product strategy and advises on scale and team building. Previously, Vanessa was a UX Director at Google and has design experience at GoPro and Walmart Labs.

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Kate Aronowitz is a design executive who has built her career empowering teams at some of Silicon Valley’s most iconic companies. In addition to her role leading GV’s operations team, Kate coaches GV portfolio companies on cross-functional design processes, scale, product development, and management strategy. Before GV, Kate held senior design and user experience roles at Wealthfront, Facebook, LinkedIn, and eBay.

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