Nick Dollarhide

About Nick Dollarhide

I’ve always loved to learn.

Not like in school where you are forced to memorize things you don’t care about. I love learning new ideas that transform my life.

The problem is that I have learning ADD.

I used to get really excited about a topic and get all the books I could find on it. With my busy schedule, I would only read a few chapters here and there only to get excited about a different topic and move on.

Then one day my friend introduced me to Audible. I had listened to audiobooks before but I always liked the look feel and even smell of physical books better.

I thought about it more and realized that I don’t have big chunks of time to read but I do have pockets of time during the day that I can listen to audio.

I signed up for the free 30 day trial and my learning took off like. Before I would read a few books each year. Now I read a few books every week.

My Mission

I discover new ideas that radically transform my life every day.

Most people don’t have the time to read as many books as I do. But you don’t have to read an entire book to get the benefit. Books are packed with informational gold that is valuable on it’s own.

My mission is to share the best ideas I find with you so that together we can supercharge our lives and learn more faster.